About Me

About Me


Hazel is a self-love and empowerment coach…

who is passionate about helping women to love themselves unconditionally, release negative self image  and connect with their power so they can live life on their terms. She is the creator of “Safe In Your Own Arms”, a journey to self-love course. This powerful self-study course includes meditations, healing exercises, inner child and shadow work to help heal past traumas and self-regulate, increase self-love, forgiveness and self acceptance.


My story

I first became interested in mindset and healing work when I was at a point in my life where I knew it needed to change. Having spent many years going through the motions, I was in a huge amount of debt and my self confidence was at an all time low.

I made a decision to heal past traumas and beliefs which had led me into this life of self sabotage.

I wasn’t sure how to but I knew this was my rock bottom and I knew it needed to change!

I hired a life coach and began to make changes in my life.

Once I started on that journey and realised how powerful working with a coach was, I studied with Coach4life Institute to become a qualified life coach myself.

Within two years I had cleared a substantial amount of debt, cleared my credit rating, met my husband, bought a house and had our beautiful little boy Ben.

I continued my own healing journey and added NLP, QTT , Somatic Therapy , Kambal Meditation and many other modalities to my toolbox whilst working in the corporate financial services industry.

Having spent 15 years in the Corporate Financial Services and Telecommunications Industry, my passion to help women to heal and connect to their true essence and power kept calling. The call became louder and louder until I finally listened and I am now a women’s self love and empowerment coach, helping women to release stress, overwhelm and find balance in their lives again.




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