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Hazel a Life Coach, Mindset Coach, Reiki Practioner, Rahanni Healer and Holistic Practioner
Life coach , mindset coach & stress management coach

Life Coach , Mindset Coach & Stress Management

Life coach, mindset coach and stress management with Hazel O’Doherty Basnet

Are you struggling with your self esteem , overwhelm , anxiety or stress?

Do you feel stuck in your comfort zone?

Are you struggling with your weight and emotionally eating?

Do you feel like there is something else you should be doing other than your 9-5 job?

Do you leave a relationship just to meet the exact same type of toxic partner again?

Do you feel like other people are better than you?

If any of above sound like you, I can help!

I help transform women by releasing trauma, stress and negative self image so they can increase in confidence and self belief, using a combination of energy work and coaching.

Working together, we will identify your limiting beliefs and values and help to dissolve blocks and negative thinking patterns which are holding you back and keeping you stuck in life

These beliefs and blocks may have been holding you back for years and probably shape every decision you make. They are keeping you stuck and unhappy.

Once you release these blocks you can change your life so you are living a more enjoyable, fulfilled and fun life doing what you love.

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