Hazel Basnet O’Doherty Testimonials

Until last year, I didn’t know much about life coaching or how it could be applied to my life and work for me.
After a couple of tough years in counselling I didn’t know how to get back in touch with what I wanted from life, nor did I have any idea how to move forward.
This is where the beautiful person that is Hazel stepped in! As my life coach, she taught me the art of loving myself, which is something I had turned my back on my entire life. I didn’t realise how much I hurt myself or treated myself with disrespect.
How I thought I could have been happy without loving myself first is beyond me now. Then through coaching sessions with Hazel, I identified how I had unknowingly put my life on hold whilst undergoing counselling, was procrastinating with everything and living for past happiness. With Hazel’s help and direction, I put the past to bed, set goals for the future, learned to step back if it gets too much and basically be my own biggest cheerleader. I am learning how to move forward. I can feel the difference in me and how much happier I feel in all areas of my life.
Friend and family have noticed it too.
Life coaching with Hazel is invaluable to me and I cannot sing her praises highly enough for the amazing person that she is! She really has found her life’s purpose and I know she will touch so many lives with her understanding, kindness, encouragement and constant support…as she has with mine.
Melissa, Dublin
As a QTT Practitioner Hazel has really helped me on my personal development journey. Her calm, nurturing voice helped me feel totally at ease.
During our one to one session, I felt totally free and safe in doing the work. Hazel is kind, caring and oozes empathy. She really connects with her clients and passionately lives by what she does. Hazel helped me let go of deep routed pain from past trauma. Afterwards I felt light and free. I felt an inner peace.
Hazel can help you change your life as she helped me change mine. I would highly recommend her.

Martina Cotter, Meath

I have taken and would like to recommend, The Power Within VIP Course with Hazel. The course is over a three month period, and very flexible and accommodating. You will learn so much over the three months! When I met Hazel I had been in a very serious accident which left me with significant injuries. The accident happened four months after I had opened my own business. It left me unable to work for months and when I met Hazel my business was failing. It was a sinking ship and I felt I was sinking with it! All of my hard work would have been for nothing if I had let it fail. I knew I needed help. It seemed like faith had our paths crossed, when I met Hazel accidentally. The work Hazel does within the VIP coaching course, equipped me with the tools and knowledge I hold within to face any situation. To realise one’s blocks and to overcome them. After the work I have done with Hazel. I feel quietly confident, successful and happier. My business is thriving and still growing. I think it is important to click with your therapist for work to be able to happen and that happened with Hazel. Hazel is a very kind and caring therapist who wants the best for her client’s and it shows through her work. Thank you Hazel x

Liz, Business Owner , limerick

Before starting the “Safe in your own Arms” course past events, hurts and upsets had led me to a place where I was filled with self-doubt. I lacked the self-worth to move forward with my life. I always worried in relationships that I wasn’t good enough. The biggest thing I realised from this course was that every other relationship you have in your life begins with the relationship you have with yourself. If I didn’t love myself, how did I expect others to. Through doing Safe in Your Own Arms I slowly learned to do that.
The course was broken down thoughtfully into specific sections, each one covering a topic that encouraged me to look at a different entity of myself. The exercises in each helped me to explore these further. I especially loved the meditations at the end as they relaxed me and gave a natural close to each topic. I chose to take my session with Hazel towards the end of the course and found it extremely beneficial as I got to target the things that had arisen for me throughout the sections.
Undertaking this course was an emotional journey, but I felt supported throughout. My internal dialogue has completely changed for the better. I am far gentler and loving towards myself. As a result, I feel more positive, less stressed and am so much happier and content in general. I am standing up for myself now too which I really struggled with before. I even signed up to a part-time course so now I feel and can see my life is moving forward.
I would recommend Safe in Your Own Arms to anyone who lacks self-love, feels low in confidence and wishes they could feel better about themselves because it really works. It shifts your thinking, offers a new perspective that challenges your beliefs about yourself and brings you to a much happier place by the end.

Melissa Carolan

‘I’m not sure that I can put into words how much Hazel has helped me over the past few months, but I want to try. Working with Hazel has been such a pleasure, she created a safe place where I could be honest with her and myself and it was transformative. I had been feeling so stuck, I was unsure on what road to take with my career and was unhappy with aspects of my life, I could only see negatives and felt trapped. I felt like I had failed and all the things I wanted were not possible for me, but working with Hazel changed that. Now I know that I can have whatever I want. That my dream job, home and life are within reach and aren’t just things that other people can have. I laughed, cried, meditated, talked and listened and the entire process has been so incredibly healing for me. When I started this 3 month programme, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I knew I was supposed to do it and It’s one of the best decisions that I have made. Invest in yourself, the future you will thank you for it! Hazel, thank you for your guidance, acceptance and knowledge, you have such a special gift. X

Emma, Ennis

Hazel is a very kind and patient with me. She listens with no judgement. She makes the space feel safe and she helps me to open up and be my true self. Hazel has guided me through a difficult time in my life and continues to do so. I have learned coping mechanisms to deal stress and it has opened my up to my spiritual wellbeing. Hazel helps me to open up and be my true self not only with her but when I leave that room too. She enables in me an unlock-able confidence and when I leave the treatment room I feel as if I’m on cloud nine! She has reminded me of my strengths and I have found my creative self again. For anyone thinking about making an appointment with Hazel, go and do it! She will help you find your true self and encourage you to be the best you can be! ❤️
Gabrielle, Limerick