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Are you one of those amazing souls who feel alone, a bit lost?


“This course will increase your confidence and self-esteem so you can live a happier, more fulfilled life!” Luisa Convers

Join my powerful new course called
Safe in your Own Arms
to learn how to:

It also includes powerful exercises, guided visualisations and meditations and a 1-on-1 Aura analysis session, carried out via zoom.

Course material includes:

  • Have a loving relationship with yourself
  • Heal old hurts that are affecting your life today
  • Discover hidden blocks that stop you from moving forward in life
  • Release self-sabotage
  • Reignite your passion for life
  • Daily practises to keep your energy high and develop self-love habits
  • Guided meditations that you can listen to every day to deepen the healing process and to raise your energy levels
  • Free journal with prompts to develop self-love (PDF)
  • Exercises to heal your relationship with your inner child, release old hurts and shadow work to help integrate healing
  • Aura analysis healing 1-on-1 with me, to release all the fears and hurt that’s been holding you back, and during these sessions we’ll imprint new, healthy, happier beliefs into your opened mind and soul.’ ‘Together, we identify and release the past trauma and negative self image so you can step into your new future with confidence, ease and joy
  • Powerful exercises to help you connect and heal your inner child, release limiting beliefs and increase self-love and confidence
  • A one to one healing session, including aura analysis which will accelerate all of the healing
  • You will have lifetime access to the course

Get this powerful self love course now!

Are You Wondering Why You Constantly End Up In Toxic Relationships?

Do you put everyone else’s needs first?

Do you find it hard to trust other people because of past experiences?

Do you feel like you are not good enough?

You are not alone! I get it.

Are you longing for another way, and you sense deep down
there has got to be another way, and you just need a break, a sign, a bit of direction….

This is it! It is time to start your journey towards self-love.

Get Lifetime Access Now!

Do you know deep down that there has got to be another way?

A lot of clients feel like this when they first come to me.
They have read self-help books. They have made resolutions.

They have prayed.

They have surfed online for solutions. 

They have tried to deal with this on their own.

And failed. Again and again.

Great people like you have been coming to me for years with the same issues. 

You feel less than others.

You keep attracting toxic relationships. You are unhappy and
feel stuck in your comfort zone. You are tired of people taking advantage of you.

You can’t say no,even though you are emotionally and physically drained.

You know there has to be more to life than this!

I know it’s probably been a while since
you’ve felt it, but you’ll just have to
trust me when I say that there is no
better feeling than really truly being
yourself, all the way down to your very

I know it scares you – the space you’re in has become comfortable.

You’re not happy, but it could be worse…maybe…probably…

Acknowledge your fear of change, and then change anyway.

I can’t wait to meet you, and I am so excited to meet the real you that’s hiding somewhere inside.

All you have to do is take the first step.

Get this course now to increase self-esteem, self-worth and release toxic relationships!

Get this powerful self love course now!

In order for you to access the power of your heart and heal past hurts, you need a safe space and be supported, witnessed, and loved.

Where will you find that safe space?

Would you like to work with me to create that safe space for you?

I want to help you, so I have created my “Safe In Your Own Arms” course

You have lifetime access to these online sessions.

These sessions in person would cost at least €750

I understand that not everyone can afford to have private sessions with me. But I would like to be able to help as many people as possible.

That is why I have been called to create this course – Safe in Your Own Arms.

The amazing thing is that it is available for a limited time at a fraction of the cost and includes an Aura Analysis, which will accelerate all of the healing work done in the course.


Get this powerful self love course now!

To honor and reward you for saying YES TO YOU, I am giving you extra Special BONUSES:

An Aura Scan with Healy worth €179.00

Healing Session with me worth €150

You will receive one online aura scan which includes a healing session with me, using the Healy device which uses frequency healing to bring your body and mind back into balance.


Aura Analysis and Chakra Scan on the Healy 

Using the Healy’s Aura Analysis feature, the Healy is able to scan the different energy levels of the different Chakras. Then, by scanning one or multiple Chakras, gives advice about possible emotional or energetic blockages through a pdf emailed straight to your client.

While energy flows through the meridians, it is the Chakras that are the energy centres of the body. Using the Healy’s Aura Analysis feature, the Healy is able to scan the different energy levels of the different Chakras. Then, by scanning one or multiple Chakras, give advice about possible emotional or energetic blockages.

This technology is mind-blowing and very accurate.


Total Price €929, [JUST €222]

Get this powerful self-love course now!

Feedback from clients:

I recently had an online Healy session with Hazel and it was amazing, it blew my mind. Hazel ran the energy and then sent me a report and the details in the report were so accurate it was unbelievable. Following the session I felt calm, grounded and balanced and things fell into place for me, where as before I had been feeling stuck. If you are thinking about a session, please don’t think twice, I highly recommend it, it was so insightful and helpful and it will be for you too.
Sarah Joanne Ashurst

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