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Blossom with Hazel is dedicated to empowering women to heal, transform, and reclaim their confidence so they can make lasting changes in their lives


My mission is to…

Provide holistic coaching and support that fosters deep, lasting change in women’s lives, allowing them to break free from negative patterns and step into their true power.

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Discover Your True Self with Holistic Coaching

My coaching approach embraces holistic healing, nurturing your mind, body, and soul in a safe space to explore emotions, heal, and embrace your true self.

free resources

Downloadable Grounding Stress Relief Meditation

Release stress, anxiety and overwhelm and bring yourself back to balance with this free grounding meditation.

This can be used whenever you are overthinking, anxious and would like to feel relaxed , grounded and back in your body again.

Why work with Hazel

Hi, I’m Hazel, your self-love & empowerment coach…

My passion lies in helping women embrace unconditional self-love, shed negative self-image, and tap into their inherent power, enabling them to live life on their own terms.

tranquility bundle

Your Stress Relief Package

This is your ticket to tranquillity. Wrap yourself in comfort with our premium weighted blanket, available in two soothing colours and sizes. And as a bonus, receive a free guided meditation to enhance your relaxation experience.

Say goodbye to stress and hello to serenity with our specially curated package. Order now and discover the bliss of ultimate relaxation.


The weighted blanket has positively impacted my sons sleep and wellbeing. Most nights he has difficulty with sleeping and getting to sleep so it's his go to to feel relaxed, calm and supported. He is asleep in minutes. Thank you Hazel. I highly recommend your weighted blanket.’

Kids mindfulness, yoga and wellness practitioner

When I am feeling overwhelmed my weighted blanket is my go to for relief.bIt’s a source of comfort and calms me in a quick and effective way.  It’s one of my essential tools to regulate.


featured success story

Working with Hazel has been such a pleasure, she created a safe place where I could be honest with her and myself and it was transformative.

I felt stuck and unhappy with my career and life, believing I had failed and couldn’t achieve my dreams. Working with Hazel changed everything. Now, I believe I am in my dream job, home, and life. This 3-month program was healing, and I’m grateful for it. Invest in yourself; future you will thank you! Thanks, Hazel, for your guidance and knowledge.


‘Woman of Worth and Wellbeing’ Programme Client

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Each story is a beacon of hope and inspiration, offering readers wisdom, healing, and a fresh perspective on life’s ups and downs.

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to

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Safe in Your Own Arms

Safe in Your Own Arms

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