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My courses embrace holistic healing, nurturing your mind, body, and soul in a safe space to explore emotions, heal wounds, and embrace your true self.

Safe in Your Own Arms
Online: Self-study course
Journey to self-love and acceptance with this online self-study course. Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and joyless in life? Boost your self-esteem and confidence…

blossom coaching

Coaching Programme

Looking for increased support within a dedicated coaching programme?

Explore my 3 month programme

3 month programme

Woman of Worth & Wellbeing

Centred on enhancing self-worth, self-belief, and rediscovering your true self.

This is for you if…
You are navigating anxiety, dissatisfaction, self-doubt, unfinished projects, and have the desire for change.

tranquility bundle

Your Stress Relief Package

This is your ticket to tranquillity. Wrap yourself in comfort with our premium weighted blanket, available in two soothing colours and sizes. And as a bonus, receive a free guided meditation to enhance your relaxation experience.

Say goodbye to stress and hello to serenity with our specially curated package. Order now and discover the bliss of ultimate relaxation.


The weighted blanket has positively impacted my sons sleep and wellbeing. Most nights he has difficulty with sleeping and getting to sleep so it's his go to to feel relaxed, calm and supported. He is asleep in minutes. Thank you Hazel. I highly recommend your weighted blanket.’

Kids mindfulness, yoga and wellness practitioner

When I am feeling overwhelmed my weighted blanket is my go to for relief.bIt’s a source of comfort and calms me in a quick and effective way.  It’s one of my essential tools to regulate.


blossom coaching

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