When we don’t give ourselves the love we deserve, it will reflect back to us in all areas of our lives. 

We will feel overwhelmed, struggle with boundaries, comparison, worry, distraction, guilt, anger and numbness. 

Working with a self-love coach will help you to look at the areas in your life where you are not loving yourself and make changes. 

When I start working with clients we look at:

  • Making choices that nurture your physical, emotional and mental health
  • Letting go of past traumas 
  • Inner child healing 
  • Connecting and honouring your authentic self, so you can live life on your terms 
  • Loving and forgive yourself 
  • Releasing past hurts and healing your heart
  • Releasing any toxic relationships and patterns holding you back

Self-love isn’t always easy

It’s not all buying yourself flowers or treating yourself. 

It can be making hard decisions.

Saying no to people when it’s been a lifetime habit to say yes.

It can look like having difficult conversations.

It can look like setting boundaries.

It is saying no to everything that doesn’t serve you, even when it’s uncomfortable. 

Through my work with clients on loving and accepting themselves 

  • They start to feel confidence again and stop constantly comparing themselves with others 
  • They balance their time management and start saying no to what doesn’t serve them
  • They no longer worry about losing people’s acceptance if they do say no 
  • They begin to put themselves first and become their own cheerleader, instead of always championing others first

Changing the habits of a lifetime is not always easy but it is worth it and will have a transformational effect on moving into empowerment so you can love life on your terms. 

Having the support of a self-love coach and being guided and supported will help this process. Hazel x 

‘The only relationship you are guaranteed to have all your life is with yourself. Make sure it’s a loving, supportive one which knows your worth.’