Life Coaching for Women




Self-Love and Empowerment Coach


My coaching sessions are a unique blend of life coaching, NLP, and somatic practices, to help you to shift blocks, release limiting beliefs and disempowering patterns, regulate your nervous system and connect to your power, so you can live a life you love, on your terms.

I am passionate about empowering woman to love themselves so that they can express themselves fully to the world.

I remember when I first began working with a coach. It transformed my life on so many levels and my love for all things personal development had begun.


Benefits of Life Coaching 


Move past your limiting beliefs

Develop more clarity in your life

Navigate the daily struggles of life e.g. overwhelm, anxiety and people pleasing ,so you can get clear on what you want instead

Develop self belief and confidence

Create structure and have accountability towards your goals.

I offer one-to-one coaching sessions online and in person.

You can book one-to-one sessions with me or my VIP coaching package ‘The Diamond Approach


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Client Love

I have taken and would like to recommend,
The Power Within VIP Coaching package with Hazel.
This package is over a three month period, and very flexible and accommodating. You will learn so much over the three months!
When I met Hazel I had been in a very serious accident which left me with significant injuries. The accident happened four months after I had opened my own business. It left me unable to work for months and when I met Hazel my business was failing.
It was a sinking ship and I felt I was sinking with it! All of my hard work would have been for nothing if I had let it fail. I knew I needed help.

The work Hazel does within the VIP coaching course, equipped me with the tools and knowledge I hold within so I have the confidence to face any situation. I know realise my blocks and have overcome them.

After the work I have done with Hazel. I feel quietly confident, successful and happier. My business is thriving and still growing.
I think it is important to click with your therapist for work to be able to happen and that happened with Hazel. Hazel is a very kind and caring coach who wants the best for her client’s and it shows through her work.
Thank you Hazel x