VIP Coaching

‘The Power Within’ – a VIP coaching package

A three month journey where we work together in a transformational container. This package is for you if:

You are ready to move from a space of pain to empowerment

 You are in a career you aren’t happy in and would like to fully connect with your life purpose instead

You know it’s time to make a change and leave all the stress, excuses, people pleasing, old stories and limitations behind

You don’t feel good enough and constantly compare yourself to others

You would like to create a plan over the next 3 months to take aligned, focused action so you can make changes in your life and move from pain to power

You are tired of stress, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. You know there is more to life but you are afraid to leave your comfort zone

You would like support, accountability and guidance will help you achieve your goals and move past self-sabotage

You want more fulfilling relationships, including the one with yourself

You want more pleasure and joy in your life

You would like to connect to the wisdom of your body again

“I work from the belief that you already have the power to transform your life and will guide and motivate you to uncover your inner strength and wisdom.”