Liz’s journey from Adversity to Triumph

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In the midst of a significant life upheaval, Liz found solace and transformative guidance in Woman of Worth and Wellbeing VIP Coaching Programme with Hazel. This three-month journey, marked by flexibility and personalised attention, became a beacon of learning and empowerment. Having recently endured a serious accident that left her with substantial injuries, the course became a crucial part of Liz’s recovery, coincidentally intersecting with a critical juncture in her business.


The Problem


The aftermath of the accident had left both Liz’s physical and entrepreneurial well-being in jeopardy. Just four months after launching her business, the unforeseen incident disrupted its trajectory, and Liz found herself sinking with what seemed like a failing venture. The weight of potential failure loomed large, and intervention was imperative. Serendipitously, Liz encountered Hazel and her VIP coaching course, recognising it as the lifeline she needed.


The Solution


Hazel’s coaching provided a safe harbour during this tumultuous period. The course, spanning three months, offered a flexible structure tailored to Liz’s unique needs. Despite the uncertainty that lingered, she committed to this investment in her personal and professional growth. Hazel’s approach wasn’t confined to conventional coaching; it was a holistic experience, combining practical tools, insightful knowledge, and empathetic guidance.


The Results


The transformation Liz underwent during Hazel’s Woman of Worth and Wellbeing VIP Coaching Programme was nothing short of profound. The tools and knowledge imparted equipped her to navigate the challenges of her recovery and the intricacies of resurrecting her business. As a result, Liz emerged from the coaching journey with quiet confidence, a sense of success, and heightened happiness. Once teetering on the edge, her business is now thriving and steadily expanding. Hazel’s genuine care and dedication to her clients were evident throughout, fostering a therapeutic connection that proved indispensable to Liz’s growth. Grateful for this transformative experience, she looks back on her decision to enrol in Hazel’s course as a pivotal moment that shaped her present success and future outlook.

In the heart of challenges, I uncovered my resilience, and in the Woman of Worth and Wellbeing VIP Coaching Programme, I forged a triumphant path.
Through adversity, I found strength; through dedication, I crafted my own triumph.

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