Maria’s journey from Self-Reflection to Empowered Action

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Recognised for her innate ability to hold space for others, both professionally and personally as a mother, Maria sought Hazel’s support during a crucial juncture. Acknowledging the need for someone to hold space for her own growth, she approached Hazel to navigate her professional aspirations and enhance her self-perception.


The Problem


Despite her proficiency in holding space for others, Maria found herself at a crossroads, recognising the necessity for someone to hold that space for her. In this introspective process, she realised she wasn’t aligning with the actions she knew she “should” be taking. A significant shift in mindset was required to propel her forward both professionally and personally.


The Solution


Hazel became the catalyst for a transformative journey, offering the necessary space for Maria to navigate her challenges and foster self-discovery. The process not only realigned her actions with her aspirations but led to a profound shift in mindset. Responding from a more empowered and loving space, she rediscovered her flow, reigniting her passion for her mission and purpose.


The Results


The impact of this transformative process is evident in the subtle yet powerful shifts in Maria’s responses and actions. No longer trapped in self-criticism and stagnation, she now embodies a calm, confident, and excited demeanour about the future. The determination to take daily action steps has become a driving force. For those entangled in self-blame, guilt, and inertia, she advocates pausing in Hazel’s space—a space where real reasons are unlocked, and a nurturing relationship with oneself is cultivated. The journey has left her not only empowered but also poised for a future filled with promise and purpose.

In Hazel’s transformative space, I moved from self-reflection to empowered action.
The journey unfolded my true potential, fostering a loving relationship with myself. Now, I stand calm, confident, and excited, ready for the future with a determined stride.

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