M, Dublin

Until last year, I didn’t know much about life coaching or how it could be applied to my life and work for me.

After a couple of tough years in counselling I didn’t know how to get back in touch with what I wanted from life, nor did I have any idea how to move forward.

This is where the beautiful person that is Hazel stepped in! As my life coach, she taught me the art of loving myself, which is something I had turned my back on my entire life. I didn’t realise how hurtful and meanly I had treated myself. How I thought I could be happy without self-love first is beyond me now.

Then through talking to Hazel and doing my “homework”, I identified how I had unknowingly put my life on hold while undergoing counselling, was procrastinating with everything and living for past happiness. With Hazel’s help and direction, I put the past to bed, set targets for the future, put together plans for reaching those targets, learned to step back if it gets too much, compliment myself for doing well, be happy in the moment and basically be my own biggest cheerleader.

Family and friends have noticed it too. The work I did with Hazel is invaluable to me and I cannot sing her praises highly enough for the amazing person that she is! She really has found her life’s purpose and I know she will touch so many lives with her understanding, kind words, encouragement and constant support – as she has with mine!